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Abraham G. Salazar 

Born into a family of studio artists in Habana, Cuba, Abraham is a graduate of the San Alejandro Provincial Plastic Arts School, where he obtained a B.F.A with a specialization in Sculpture and Drawing. Abraham believes that art lives within every one of us and that as we embrace it, we can open avenues for self-expression and collective growth. He conceptualizes art as a powerful medium to better our communities, thus his humanistic and applied approach when creating and teaching art. Abraham has fourteen years of experience as an Artist Teacher in New York City, where he has worked in different organizations such as The Children’s Art Carnival, Free Arts NYC, and The Joan Mitchell Foundation. Currently, he is an Art Teacher at The Boys Club of New York. Abraham is also an affiliated researcher at St. John’s University, where he is collaborating with the creation of visual materials for a project on migration and health. 

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